I create canvases, paintings which are transformative for people and their environments in private or public spaces.

I think the power of some of my pieces comes initially from their size. They feel colossal because of their dimensions combined with the force of an atmospheric maelstrom of colour.

I want to reflect in my work the contrasts inherent in nature and one of these is the combination of heroic scale with delicacy of execution.


Prisms of colour lighten the sky, birds embroidered with pattern and texture are silhouetted against a flat moon, richly decorated totems, simple in form, reach upwards, ornate plants, flowers and trees grow in mysterious gardens.


The work I produce is rooted in nature and developed from a basic, fundamental connection with the patterns, cycles and rhythms of the natural world which was once innate in primitive man. Nature is not just a landscape, it's what we need to breath spiritually, so my images are a visual representation of a spritual connection I need to feel, to feel human. They open up a passage to a hidden part of the self. This is what I mean by transformative.


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